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14 Day Real Food Reset

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Delicious yet Healthy Food

As a culinary nutrition chef, I have compiled 14 days worth of recipes that are not only delicious, they are also packed with nutrients & promote an anti-inflammatory diet. All the meals are made in less than 40 minutes and have fewer than 10 ingredients!

This challenge is all done online, so anyone can participate!

Here's What You Get

1. A complete 14-day meal  plan that includes: 3 meals a day & 3 snacks a a day!

2. All the recipes, nutrition facts AND a detailed/categorized shopping list!

3. Access to a closed FB group where I post daily food education posts & I go live once a week to send more healthy education, motivation and inspiration!

4. A detailed guide on foods to eat (that lower inflammation) and foods to avoid (that cause chronic inflammation)

What's the purpose?

Everyone says they want to be healthier for one reason or another. And I believe you can't out-run your fork, so "getting healthy" has got to include what you are eating! This challenge is to motivate small/positive food changes to jump start your healthy 2020!

14 Days of Healthy Meals

Ready to implement some healthier food choices? Want to get involved in a positive food experience? Let's do this!

Here's a quick example of how the meal plans will look inside the challenge

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"Who knew real food could make you feel better. I am feeling so much better after all the holiday goodies caused their havoc. I am even sleeping better. Reset is a good thing!"

Loretta G.
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