It's Time to Ring in the New Year!

Welcome 2018 with open arms!  It can be so cllche' to "start fresh" on January 1, but why not?! In a lot of ways, 2017 was a rough year for not only this country, but the world.  It did bring a lot of joys, and I want to carry those vibes over into 2018.  As I celebrated warm and "Loving" holidays with our families, I began to reflect on my blessings, and what all 2017 brought me.  Of course, I teared up because there were so so many blessings and triumphs.  My husband and I bought our dream of 55 acres in the country and are building our dream home.  I started this Integrated Holistic Health Coach journey.  We got a puppy/new family member. I paid off my car! I worked at a Flower Shop (to connect with my inner creative). We traveled to some beautiful beaches. My husband and I connected on a level that was deeply connected this year; he is truly my best friend and rock.

As you reflect on your 2017, and set goals for 2018, do you include your health?  I'm not asking if you plan to join a gym, or count your calories.  I'm asking if you have considered really improving your wellness, and keep your WHOLE HEALTH a priority. This can include finding that job you LOVE, or finally starting that hobby you have put to the way side.  It can mean starting a meditation habit or picking back up on some religious/spiritual practices. Maybe it's eating more fruits and vegetables, or taking more trips.  Life is all about balance. When your balance is off, every single thing is off; from your digestion to your sleep to your productivity and even the ability for your body to heal. 

I am thankful for 2017, and all it's challenges and joys.  I look forward to 2018.  I know it is going to bring grand things to me, my loved ones and with whom everyone I am blessed to connect!

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope I can bring a trickle of inspiration to your life and that you may pay it forward.  Happy New Year and may 2018 ROCK!

Every Day Grateful,


Shelley LovingComment