A life changing weekend!

Hi everyone! So as an IIN graduate, I had the privilege of attending their annual health coach conference this past weekend in Miami Beach, Florida.  I went alone; not knowing ONE person that was going.  Since I did my schooling online and I just graduated in March of this year, I literally did not know one single person. So I put on my big girl pants, traveled across the country, and embarked in one of the most amazing weekends of my adult life. To say it changed me would really do it an injustice. 

In the 90's, a man named Joshua Rosenthal created IIN, and has also created a movement.  A movement of self awareness, self care, self love; in order for us to be able to spread the health movement on to others. He teaches us compassion, understanding, love, healthy lifestyles and deep connection with fellow health coaches and clients. This is why I chose this program.  WE don't sell a magic powder, or a "lose weight quick scheme". We teach healthy lifestyle changes. There are hundreds of dietary theories from vegans, to paleo, to keto, to macrobiotics and so on. But along with all these ideas, Joshua teaches us how to connect. He teaches us to be aware; aware of the people around us, aware of the conversations we have.  He teaches us to be authentic. 

Meeting Joshua was amazing because of his energy. But most of all, I met the most amazing, likeminded people; fellow health coaches that want to help others like I do.  They are all so open, honest, kind, funny, and most of all, they love. The love we all shared for health, wellness and connection is an energy I will never forget!  I don't even know how many times I teared up this past weekend. But they were 100% tears of joy and gratitude. 

Thank you to IIN for this experience.  Thank you for educating me on the importance of whole health; mental and physical. Thank you for opening so many career doors for me.  Thank you to my most amazing and supportive husband. To have your best friend support your journey to find your passion is something I will never take for granted. I am excited for the future and for which what paths this journey will take me. I'm open. I'm ready. I'm blessed. And I'm ready to help others find this feeling!

Grateful every day!


Shelley LovingComment