"All Natural" VS. "Organic"

I used to be under the assumption that "natural" or "all natural" and "organic" were one in the same. After becoming a health coach, I have learned they are very different. "Natural" has no regulations; no guidelines. USDA Organic has strict regulations that ensure the safety of our consumables.

I love what I do.  When people find out what I do, some very insightful conversations arise. People often share with me what they are eating, or what new diet they are trying. They will tell me the latest and greatest powder, liquid, coffee, "supplements" (oh the list goes on) that will take them down the road to success on their weight loss journey. I listen. I love to listen. And I always tell people "that is wonderful. If you need any guidance on your health journey, please know I'd love to hear from you".

You see, we are all different. We all digest food differently. We all have different body types, metabolisms, allergies, skin types and so on. There is not one sure diet or lifestyle that works for everyone. That's why I love what I do.  I get to stand next to my clients and guide them along a life journey of finding their optimal health; whatever that is for THEM. 

My message today is simple.  Be inquisitive. Ask Questions. Read the labels. If it says "all natural" or someone tries to sell you something that's "natural"..... please do your homework.  Please research what you are possibly putting into your body.  ASK QUESTIONS! 

Losing weight can be a very wonderful accomplishment. But sacrificing your health or simply taking something you truly do not know every single ingredient is not the way to do it.

Stick with USDA Organic when you can; not "natural". Eat real food when you can.  God put all the nutrients we need right into our foods. 

Now, go love your body!

Grateful Every Day!