Prevention is the new black!

When it comes to our bodies, our life machines, the majority of people in this country have the mindset of "I'll wait until it's broken, then I'll fix it". There is no healthcare in this country.  There is sick care. You get sick, you go to the doctor and they either give you a pill, or send you for testing. There needs to be a shift in our thinking when it comes to our bodies and how to maintain them. We are rough on them and we abuse them. So when we get sick or have an ailment, we head to the doctor. 

What if we took action to prevent the sick part? What if we invested time in our bodies and created a routine that would help prevent illness? Keep us from getting cancer? Avoid auto immune disease? Would you be in? So often, we invest in our wardrobes, our make up, our cars, our homes, but rarely do we invest in our health. I hear clients all the time with 2 excuses for not taking care of their bodies through food, supplements and lifestyle. 

1) It takes too much time

2) It's expensive

Our bodies are incredible. They are resilient and fight hard every single day to keep us going. When our immune system gets weaker than the toxins in our bodies, that's when our bodies break down and our cells become cancerous. Cancer can't grow on healthy cells. So I ask you this.... What are you doing, every single day, for your body to stay healthy and to PREVENT disease and illness? What you eat every day affects your cells. What you put on your skin affects your cells. What you breathe affects your cells. If the cells aren't fed good stuff, how in the world will they fight off illness and disease? 

Processed foods, preservatives, harsh cleaning chemicals, toxic body lotions, shampoos deodorants and so on.... these are the things your cells are constantly fighting in order to keep your machine working. These things are man made and they are killing our cells every day. Cancer feeds on poor cells. Cancer feeds on inflammation. I am passionate about health. I am passionate about helping people feel better and educating others on the simplicity of self care. I want to help you. I want to help PREVENT cancer and other diseases. Let's feel good and keep feeling good.  Let's not wait to feel bad before we fix things. 

Prevention is cheaper and easier than finding a cure. Prevention is where it's at! Love your body. Love your health. Love yourself. Let me help!

Grateful every day!




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