Prevention...what does yours look like? Here's mine with complete transparency!

This is what prevention looks like in our home

This is what prevention looks like in our home

According to Webster’s, the definition of “Prevent” is:

to keep from occurring; avert; hinder:

Prevention is a word we are hearing more and more often in regards to our personal health. It definitely remains a whisper in our communities, but we are definitely hearing it more. With more & more Americans getting sick with viruses and disease, prevention is starting to come around; not as much as I like which is why I am on a mission to help people heal.

Prevention is much more than just taking a multi-vitamin or drinking some OJ on the weekends. The more we do on a daily basis to help our bodies remain healthy, the less likely we are to visit the doctors, and our chances of having to take antibiotics drops dramatically. You see, if we take care of our bodies daily, our immune system stays stronger when contagious viruses & bugs are running ramped. There are countless ways for each of us to practice prevention and it looks different for every individual. We all have completely different DNA. We are all sensitive to different chemicals and foods. Stress affects everyone differently, and each of our bodies reacts in various ways. So I am here to encourage you to find what YOUR prevention looks like. When was the last time you had blood drawn? Do you know what vitamins you may be lacking?

I show you the picture above with complete transparency. This took years to figure out; with loads of trial and error. Years ago I didn’t know where to start, but one thing was crystal clear. I wanted to feel better and I knew I wanted to do everything in my power to avoid prescription drugs for both me and my husband. I thought a good quality multi-vitamin was a good starting point. I want you to understand one thing. Not all vitamins and supplements are created equal. Here are some things to consider when purchasing vitamins and/or supplements

  • Read your labels. Many of the popular/known brands have a lot of fillers in them; synthetic oils & more

  • Cheap is not the best way to go when it comes to these. Do your research online. Try to buy organic & look for good reviews

  • Try to support your local businesses, and when you are unable to find it there, AMAZON will be your best friend

  • Try a brand for 2-3 months. Assess how you feel. Ask yourself “am I seeing a difference”? If the answer is no, get back online, do more research and find another brand or source. Listen to your body. I promise it will talk to you

Staying healthy is work. It doesn’t just happen because of luck. It takes planning & it takes a little money. BUT, it is much cheaper than sickness. It is much cheaper than heading to the doctor 3-5 times a year and purchasing over-the-counter or Rx drugs that have retched side effects.

Here are some of the “symptoms” we had between the 2 of us:

  • Joint pain; his knees and particularly my hands

  • Low Energy in the middle of the day

  • Me: hormonal imbalance & horrible monthly cycle symptoms

  • Sick 2-3 times a year (from common cold to strep and upper resp infections)

After hours of research and months of trial and error, the picture above is what I have come up with for our daily regimen. We have been doing this for about 3 years now. Sometimes I will change the brands because I feel like my body will hit a plateau every so often. But for the most part, we stick with this one. I fill this “embroidery box” every 20 days. It takes me 8-10 minutes and then it’s ready for 3 weeks. Every morning, I set this on the counter so we don’t forget. And alongside this box is a bottle of elderberry syrup that we both swig every day & 12-16 oz of fresh green juice that I make. We also put organic, grass fed collagen in our coffee. We do this every single day. Without fail. We do not miss and we take them on vacation as well. Prevention is so important for us. It’s at the TOP of our priority list. Like right under the love we have for our family and each other is prevention for our bodies. I am happy to report that neither of us have been sick in a very long time. We have escaped the flu every winter and I can’t tell you the last time we were on antibiotics due to an infection or virus. My hands have ZERO pain & his knees no longer give him fits. Our energy levels remain good & overall we feel great.

I say this with pride, but I also shout it from the mountain tops so I can inspire others. I want to help others like you to stay out of the doctors offices and OFF the Rx drugs. They are over prescribed and it’s getting harder and harder for our bodies to fight off infection because of this.

I am not a doctor and I am not a nurse. I am a holistic health coach who wants to share my personal journey to inspire you to find yours. Do your homework. Invest some time and a little money into staying healthy. Get a regimen & stick with it.

Where is prevention on your list of priorities? If it’s on the bottom, it’s time to make a change.

Grateful every single day.


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