Self-care.. what it looks like for me

healthyeating whatsonyourfork Jun 03, 2020

Spa days are great for sure. And who doesn't love curling up with a good book and a glass of wine? I will admit, baths are probably something I view as self-love & self-care, but when I think of "self-care", it has a different meaning to me.

My husband almost died from a heart attack, so getting healthy wasn't an option at that point for us. It was a life or death situation. So when I decided to go to school and learn more about nutrition & ways to get healthy holistically, I slowly realized that this was the ultimate self-care. We were now loving our bodies fully by feeding it nutritious foods. 

By eating with intention, we are showing up for ourselves on a higher level. I have completely shifted my thoughts and intentions when it comes to eating. When I eat, I know I'm giving my body the tools it needs to work at it's highest level. When I show self-love to my body by eating clean/whole foods, I'm telling it how much I love and respect it and I'm so grateful it's ability to keep me healthy and strong. 

Our bodies can only do so much with what we feed it. If we are feeding it processed junk and fast food, how well is it going to be able to stay strong for us? How long can it survive and work if we are feeding it junk every day?

Often times I hear people complain about their ailments, aches, pains, symptoms, and conditions. And I'll admit, sometimes I'm guilty of that too. But what makes me sad and frustrated, is the disconnect those complainers have with the direct correlation between those ailments and the foods they eat. It is a direct connection my friend, and I hope you are able to stop and pay attention to those foods you eat and realize that by eating more whole foods, you are showing up for yourself, your family, and showing yourself the ultimate self-love possible.

Eat with intention. Try and eat more whole foods than you do processed foods. Love your body and offer it the tools it needs to stay healthy and strong. Because who likes a complainer? Not me. I like self-love.

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