Dieting...Just Say NO!

I am here to tell you that if you have tried diet after diet after diet and always fall off the wagon and give up, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! This is such a common occurrence in our society. It’s truly like a hamster on a wheel; you get on that diet wheel, it spins and spins and spins but where do you really end up? It’s usually right back where you started; overweight, sluggish and disappointed that you are back in those bigger jeans. In my personal journey with weight, married with my Integrative Nutrition School background and with my experience in this field, I now find myself in this beautiful space of peace. Peace with food. Peace with my weight. Peace with my body and how it feels. Peace with acceptance of who I am physically.

This journey took years, and of course, I am forever on the carpet ride of finding my “healthy”. I can tell you I know longer count calories. I know longer look to see how many carbs are in a certain food. I no longer miss those terribly unhealthy foods that, in the past, I would walk over coals in order to eat. Through my food journey, I have learned that food really is medicine. Food fuels my body to keep me healthy, and sustain my busy lifestyle. Once I made that shift of thinking on what food actually is, it changed me forever.

Once you start reading labels, cut back on processed foods, eat whole foods & find what works for YOUR body, you can have that balanced love with food. Your cravings go down, your “I must have this food right now” thoughts will minimize & your love for whole/real foods will grow exponentially! Sadly, I am here to tell you that getting over that hump of eating crap food is a bit tough. Food is an addiction; especially things like dairy and sugar. BUT, once you get over that hump and detox your body of these things, it’s LIFE CHANGING! Angels will sing! you will notice a shift in your mood, your energy level, your clarity of thinking, your weight, and the list goes on and on. And you know what else, your taste buds will change. When you rid your body of the toxins, preservatives and those bad-for-you-foods, your taste buds open up & real food tastes amazing! So before you say, “I’ll never like broccoli”, try cutting your processed foods way back and then try that broccoli again.

I have worked hard at creating a model called The Simple 150. The Simple 150 is a personal program that I create for YOU. A program that you follow at your own pace. In this program, I will ask you a series of questions and then create a 6-8 week program for you to follow. In that program, I will ask you to introduce certain foods into your diet. I will also ask you to eliminate certain foods so that your body may detox and reset itself; in a healthy/safe way. I will also encourage some form of exercise, and possibly some vitamins recommendations. You see, I want you to know what it feels like to love food again; and probably lose weight along the way. Say goodbye to fad diets. Say goodbye to yo-yo weight loss. Say hello to freedom! Say hello to feeling better!

Once you get over that hump, and start to see the change, your craving to feel good will outweigh your craving for bad foods!

As you leave this blog, I want to challenge you to start reading more food labels. When you are in the grocery store, flip that package over and read the ingredients. Knowledge is power and if you don’t recognize the first 5 ingredients of that “food” then put it back. Reading labels is the very first step in health. Your trip to the grocery store is so important so stop treating it like you’re picking up dry cleaning. Embrace the store. Love the store. The store is where your healthy starts.

Grateful Every Day!