Are you ready to begin a simple approach to healthy eating & cooking?


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Making a plan for healthy eating that actually fits within your busy schedule.

Understanding which foods are helping your body or which foods are promoting inflammation within your body.

Creating a simple foundation for living healthier, no matter where you are along your journey.  

I can help!

Let me introduce my new self-guided, virtual courses.

Healthy Beginnings

Let's build a simple foundation for creating healthy habits that will get you on track to drastically improve what you put on your plate.

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Correcting Chronic Inflammation

Get ready to learn about how foods can affect the chronic diseases you may be facing due to inflammation. Begin to correct chronic inflammation through the foods you eat.

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Healthy Meal Planning

You can be more effective in planning healthier meals. It is possible to find a balance between your busy schedule and healthy eating habits.

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"My experience with Shelley's course was eye-opening: new ingredients & healthy recipes. It made me push my boundaries & try things I thought I didn’t like."

Rachel P. 


3 Course Bundle

Take advantage of all 3 classes to get the full experience!

Save 15% (over $28 savings) on already discounted prices.  


Here's what you'll learn...


Shopping fundamentals that will give you the confidence to eat healthier.

8 steps to take your cooking skills to the next level.

All about the nutrients your body needs and craves. 

How to choose healthy sources of fiber, carbs, fat, and protein.

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Here's what you'll learn...


Which symptoms are most commonly caused by inflammation?

How foods affect the level of inflammation in your body.

Foods to avoid if you are susceptible to chronic inflammation.

Foods that reduce inflammation and how to prepare them healthily.

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Here's what you'll learn...


How to organize, store, and get ready to prep meals.

Healthy meal planning from start to finish in 10 simple steps.

How to cook easy, anti-inflammatory meals (with downloadable recipes.)

How to plan out your week with my weekly meals planner.

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Meet your Nutrition Chef

Hi! I'm Shelley.

My name is Shelley Loving and I’m known as the go-to gal for all things healthy cooking. It doesn’t matter how much you like cooking or what your experience is in the kitchen. At some point, we all have to whip up a meal so I’m here to help you make those meals a little healthier.

I take the overwhelm out of “healthy cooking”. My motto is this “Simple. Healthy. Delicious”. I don’t like all the rules in dieting so I like to keep the learning fluid to fit all tastebuds and cooking levels.

I’ve been teaching healthy cooking since 2017. After my husband’s near-death experience from a massive heart attack, I learned how powerful food really is on our health. And if I can keep just 1 person from a health scare well honey, I am going to keep doing it! 

I’m all about building confidence in the kitchen so that you may create some quick & healthy meals. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves with me? Let’s go!




Take advantage of all 3 classes to get the full experience!

Save 15% (over $28 savings) on already discounted prices.