Meal Planning

This service is completely catered to you, your lifestyle, your family dynamics and dietary needs. Do you have some heart issues and your diet is geared toward heart healthy recipes? Are you trying to lose weight and be healthy? Are you wanting to become a vegetarian/vegan but don't know where to start? Do you struggle with high cholesterol? Together, we can come up with some wonderful and nutritious meals to suite you and your family's needs. There are a few different options with the Meal Planning program, and you can read more about them individually below.  Each of these options include 2 grocery store tours; a standard supermarket, and also a organic/holistic grocery store.  We will pick stores that are geographically close to you so you get the most benefit. 


Simply meal ideas - one time

If you are a new cook, in a recipe rut, or starting a new dietary plan, this program is for you.  I will send you recipes, dietary guidance, snack tips, and more. You can pick if you are wanting lunch on the go ideas, snacks, dinners or all of the above. You will get this information in one email with documents you can keep, reference and use daily.


Recurring meal planning

If you would like to prepare and cook more of your family's meals at home, this program is perfect. We can set you up for monthly recipe ideas, more healthy snacks to get you through the day, tips and tricks to enhance nutritious meals to keep you away from the drive-thrus and many more!  This is a monthly subscription to meal prepping at home made easy!

Change the way you see food!

Change the way you see food!

Shopping guidance 101

Are you guilty of eating out more than you prepare your own food?  Does the idea of going to the grocery store overwhelm you? Do you make excuses to yourself so you don't have to make your own food?  I can help you with your grocery list, menu items, simplify the prep process and more. I want you to look forward to preparing nutritious foods for you and your family. I want you to enjoy the aromas of fresh food in your kitchen.  I want to guide you to read labels at the store, tell you what aisles to avoid and more! Let me help you achieve your home cooking goals!