Let me take the stress and overwhelm of weekly Meal Planning away from you!

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Healthy Meals & Menus Right to Your Inbox!

Let me take the guess work out of eating healthy. I'll send you meal plans that are full of nutrients and flavor!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Weekly Menus that promote an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Full Recipes with pictures, instructions & nutrition facts
  • An Itemized Weekly Grocery List. The weekly grocery list is divided into organized categories and includes all your quantities

Whether you are on the Keto diet, counting your macros for Cross Fit or have an allergy to nuts, this program adheres to any dietary request.

Upon signing up, you will fill out a questionnaire. This will tell me what you like, what you don't like and any food restrictions you or your family members have.

As your holistic food educator, I can also give some guidance if you suffer from things like type 2 diabetes, fatigue, IBS and more.

All of my recipes are dairy free & promote a healthy lifestyle through nutritious food choices.

No. There is a 2 month minimum unless you purchase the 6-month bundle.

Menus & shopping lists go out at the end of each month. Your subscription will auto renew each month on the 15th. This gives me time to plan your delicious menu.

Let Me Plan Your Healthy Meals....

So you can get back to your priorities

Save Time!

We can't buy more time, but we sure can improve our time management. Put your time and focus on things like family activities, work projects, yoga class and more. Let me take meal planning off YOUR to-do's and into your inbox every week!

Save Money!

How many times have you thrown out food you purchased because you just didn't know what to make? How often do you eat from a drive-thru because you don't know what to cook or don't have what you need? I will plan your healthy meals and your shopping list so you are only buying what you are going to eat!

Eat Healthy!

Trying to eat healthy can be a battle and quite frankly, can be extremely overwhelming. With my background as a holistic food educator and a culinary nutrition expert, I can send you delicious AND healthy recipes every single week! Foods that will fuel you and your family and work for you to keep you all feeling your best!

Pricing Options

The more I plan, the more YOU save!



PER MONTH (2 month min)


5 Dinners


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PER MONTH (2 month min)


2 Breakfasts

2 Lunches

4 Dinners


2 Healthy & Delicious Snacks!


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One-Time/One Month


3 Breakfasts

3 Lunches

5 Dinners

2 Snacks


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The Full Meal Deal


PER MONTH (2 month min)


5 Breakfasts

5 Lunches

5 Dinners

5 Snacks


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Meal Plans Sent Right to You

Let me send you beautiful meal plans with a calendar/outline, menus, recipes, nutrition facts and pretty food pictures!

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