5 Simple Ways to Start Cooking Healthy


Need a little guidance for cooking healthier?

Taking the first steps is often the hardest, but I'm here to tell ya'll that those first steps don't need to be difficult or complicated.

In my new guide, I've laid out the top 5 easiest ways for you to start cooking healthy today!

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What's included in the guide?

The First Step

This first step is absolutely necessary. Without this, you're just flying by the seat of your pants and asking for failure. Believe me, you can't skip this.

#1 Habit to Adopt

You need to get in the habit of doing this one thing when you are planning and cooking your meals. This habit will allow you to understand the quality of your food.

Ingredient Swaps

There are some ingredients that you need to swap out... asap! Get the crap out of your pantry and replace them with better options. 

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Hello! I'm Shelley

My name is Shelley Loving and I’m known as the go-to gal for all things healthy cooking. I’m a wife and mother to 2 grown boys. I have a passion for seeing the positive in any situation and I’m a sucker for a very good glass of red wine.

My job is to help you take the overwhelm out of “healthy cooking”. My motto is this “Simple. Healthy. Delicious”. I don’t like all the rules in dieting so I keep the learning fluid to fit all tastebuds and cooking levels. No matter if you like to cook or you can’t stand it, at some point, we all have to whip up a meal every now and then. I’m here to help you make those meals a little healthier…no matter your skill level in the kitchen.

I’ve been teaching healthy cooking since 2017. After my husband’s near-death experience from a massive heart attack, I learned how powerful food really is on our health. If my teachings can help others avoid a health scare, I’m going to keep on teaching./u>

I started this business with a combination of passion, personal experience, and nutrition studies through multiple schools to bring offerings that are relatable to you and your busy life.

I’m all about building confidence in the kitchen so that you may create some quick & healthy meals. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves with me? Let’s go!




Cooking healthy doesn't have to be hard! Simply making small changes to how you cook will leave feeling healthier and confident in the kitchen. This free guide will help you get started! These are my top five healthy cooking tips to implement first. 

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