As soon as I turned 50, EVERYTHING concerning my body changed! Everything I did before to lose weight didn’t work. All my old eating tricks, exercises, you name it, left me exactly where I started. I needed a permanent change and needed someone to help me do that. That’s where the class came in, to help guide me to a more healthy way of life, not just a diet. I am so glad I am part of this class! I have gone down 2 sizes, (I own a scale, but I don’t weigh myself), cut out meat and dairy, added smoothies, more water, (I heard you ;) ) more salads, read more labels and ate mostly raw fruits and veggies. I feel tons better and hope to keep this feeling for life. I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to learn more! Thank you girls for teaching this class!!
— Daniele, Celina Texas

I’m eating healthier and learned so much. I’ve given up some of my favorites - cheese and Dr. Pepper. I’m already feeling and seeing a difference. Thank you for making learning about a new way of thinking and eating fun and informative.
— MaryAnn, McKinney Texas

I’m Happy. I feel SO much better. You have helped me tremendously. Even if it was just the accountability, but honestly it’s been so much more!
— Corey, Van Alstyne Texas

You are a genius! The meals you help me create are soooooo good!
— Lisa, McKinney Texas

I’m totally inspired by all your Instagram food pictures! Keep doing rock!
— Kellie, Grand Prairie Texas