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If you are sick of struggling with weight loss or if you just want to feel like a better and healthier version of yourself, join me. Ditch the diets. Learn the power of real food. Don't panic, there are ZERO products to buy. This program is strictly FOOD based! 

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Weight Loss ?

If you are always wondering how you can lose those extra pounds, or if you have tried every fad diet known to man, or if you have bought countless products online or from friends and just keep falling short, you have to watch this video.

In the Food Shift Online Program, I get down to the very very basics of food. I take the science out of it & I encourage you to make small food shifts; all foods you can get in your local grocery store. I keep it simple. I keep it fun. 

Craving Healthy?

I would love to inspire you to find your own version of healthy living. It would tickle me pink for you to choose ME to help you make small shifts in the foods you eat so you can feel YOUR best. In The Food Shift Online Program, I will walk alongside you the entire way and fill you with food inspiration; the kind that sticks with you in your every day life. Not the kind of healthy where you devote your life to complicated foods and calorie counting. I keep it simple. I keep it fun. 


Take a Leap of Faith with Me!

Let me walk alongside your journey to fall in love with real whole foods again!

"What I have learned and used has made some good changes in my body. I just have to say I am so thankful for this opportunity and to be able to soak up Shelley's excellent training, and expertise and actually, after years of bad habits, be concerned about about what I am eating and paying attention to what is on my fork!! THANK YOU !!"

Loretta G.
Happy Food Shifter

Feeling overwhelmed with dieting?!

Watch this short video for some inspiration from me! Let me motivate you to ditch the dieting and hop on board The Food Shift!


I have been studying, earning certifications, and seeking continued education on a continual basis; ALL so I can pass it along to you! 

Shelley Loving

INHS, CNE Certified

On the business side, I have a certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a certification from The Academy of Culinary Nutrition. I am passionate about helping others change their relationship with food; helping them understand that food is medicine and food is fuel. 

On the personal side, I am just a girl that lives on a ranch in North Texas that loves my family, our dogs, a good glass of wine and surrounding myself with positive people. 

What's On Your Fork??

If you want to get healthy, but just don't know where to start, watch this video of yours truly for a little inspiration!

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"I love this program. It's very easy to follow and understand. You take gradual steps towards changing your health and your life; without feeling deprived of anything. I look forward to each module because I am curious about the next assignment, and I love Shelley's personality! She's like a girlfriend helping you along the way!"

Erin P.

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"Shelley has opened my eyes and helped me take my blinders off when it comes to food. My stress around what is good for me, due to so many "diets" out there, has been simplified by Shelley. Her guidance has made me love the grocery store again & helped me look at food the right way"

Brandi H.

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