The Simple 250

The Simple 250

Quick Guide to Weight lOss

I have decided to offer a simple version of my weight management program. Due to many requests, I am offering a one-session weight management program. Here is what you get:

  • 1 in-person session where we deep dive into a weight loss program that I design specifically for you

  • 1 over the phone check-in session to tweak your program

  • Weekly emails for 6 weeks to tell you next steps, motivate and give recipes

  • 6 full weeks of mentorship via text and email

My program is a lifestyle change. Little by little, we work to get you healthy and your waste line where you want it. Let me get you started with this program! For a limited time, I’m offering this program for $250. You will get my expertise on how to cut those inches with the condensed version of my program. Reap the benefits of getting healthy! Not only will you lose some weight, but you will feel great and your body will respond in a glorious way!

Let me help you!

Watch this video for more details!