Weight Loss

If you would like to lose some inches/pounds and feel better, this program is a perfect fit!  I am going to tell you from the beginning that I do NOT sell a magic powder or pill.  This is NOT a lose weight rapidly program. What I can promise you as my client, is that I will help you eat REAL FOOD and it will produce positive results.  Weight loss is not just what you put in your mouth.  It involves much more than that. This program is not impossible; nor is it hard. All it takes is YOU. I will sit down with you, and WE will come up with a plan that works for you so that YOU can see results. Every single person has a different body, different DNA, different digestive system, and that's why this program is 1-on-1.   I want you to see success, and that's why I cater to you and YOUR body.  


lasting Benefits of weight loss

Weight loss is so much more than fitting into those skinny jeans or wedding dress. It's more than worrying what others think.  Weight loss promotes a healthier life and body.  Your body is your sanctuary and you are only given one body in this life.  It's time to treat it accordingly.  You can improve your energy, your heart health, your gut health, and your mental stability. This program is a lifestyle.  It is NOT a diet. It is not short term. But the good news you ask?!  You will feel so much better! 

Grocery Store Tour

Grocery Store Tour

Let's learn to shop

With the weight loss program, you will receive so much more than a diet plan.  You and I will go to the store together, and I will guide you on how to buy your foods; what aids in your health and what to avoid. You do not get this feature with most diet plans/services. I want to set you up for a lifetime of successful eating!

Regular Check-Ins

Regular Check-Ins


I believe another aspect to success is accountability. Another benefit to this program is you and I will meet 1-2 times a month.  We can do this via video conference or in person.  I believe it's important to have regular check-ins. Not only does it hold you accountable, but it also keeps me close to your progress.  We will talk about your struggles and successes, and we can alter your program if something isn't working for you. Success if our goal, and meeting regularly through this process insures a more successful journey.

I would LOVE to assist you with your weight loss goals.  Please contact me if you are ready to feel great and lose weight in the process!