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January Jumpstart

It's never too late for A new relationship with your health.

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January Jumpstart is a 6 day virtual class, to motivate you to take control of your health through food choices...


One week to the beginning of your healthy living journey...

  • Day 1: Experience a mindset shift around food. Learn how to create a healthy relationship with food without all the restrictions
  • Day 2: Learn how to stop overthinking what you eat every day by understanding ingredients
  • Day 3: Simplify your planning and prepping of meals with my time-saving tips
  • Day 4: Watch me in my kitchen as I show you what has worked for me for over 8 years
  • Day 5: I’ll answer all the questions you have so you can begin a healthy eating journey in 2023
  • Day 6: Bonus day wrap!

You have eased my mind...

You have quieted my mind. There is so much information out there. My head literally spins. Thank you for your help. I can't wait to sign up for your APP and continue on this health journey with you and this community.

- Robyn M. Course Participant


Thank you for the specific examples...

in each inflammatory category today. I checked so many ingredient labels in my pantry last night and most had inflammatory ingredients listed :( I love your passion and emotions toward healthy eating!

-Bevin M. Course Participant

This is an online 6-day, workshop designed to help you take back control of your health.

Number 1 thing you'll learn

How to create a healthy mindset and relationship with food.

Number 2 thing you'll implement

Time-saving habits for planning and prepping meals. 

Number 3 thing you'll be inspired to do

Take the reigns on your relationship with food by practicing small habits when you plan, shop, prep, and eat.

All of this is possible because you get:

Instructional Videos

Printable Guides


Look at what past participants have achieved!!!

I have learned...

Dairy is probably my number one causing probably all my pain. I did learn lots of new things from reading the ingredients the good/bad oils, Chronic inflammation. and having an anti-inflammatory MINDSET!!!

- Mandy D. - Course Participant


I love your videos...

They are very informative. I would love to cook all of your healthy meals. I made your avocado brownies and they were delicious. Every time your video ends I keep wanting more. I’m so glad I can learn how to change what I eat. Thank you!

- Natasha M. - Course Participant

Are you Ready?

If you want to stop spending time focusing on your chronic ailments or desire to have more energy throughout your daily activities, this workshop is for you!

You need this workshop if: 

  • You know you have indulged too much lately. 
  • You have been feeling cruddy and lethargic in general.
  • Some of your aches & pains have returned or worsened. 
  • You find yourself frustrated in the kitchen come dinner time. 
  • You're just not sure where to start when trying to eat healthier. 
  • You need simple shortcuts & checklists to keep you motivated.

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You'll receive: 

  • 6 days of video content
  • Recipes
  • Meal and menu planning tips
  • Cooking and kitchen tips to keep you motivated
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Hi. I'm Shelley.

My name is Shelley Loving and I’m known as the go-to gal for all things healthy cooking. I’m a wife and mother to 2 grown boys. I have a passion for seeing the positive in any situation and I’m a sucker for a very good glass of red wine.

My job is to help you take the overwhelm out of “healthy cooking”. My motto is this “Simple. Healthy. Delicious”. I don’t like all the rules in dieting so I keep the learning fluid to fit all tastebuds and cooking levels. No matter if you like to cook or you can’t stand it, at some point, we all have to whip up a meal every now and then. I’m here to help you make those meals a little healthier…no matter your skill level in the kitchen.

I’ve been teaching healthy cooking since 2017. After my husband’s near-death experience from a massive heart attack, I learned how powerful food really is for our health. If my teachings can help others avoid a health scare, I’m going to keep on teaching.

I started this business with a combination of passion, personal experience, and nutrition studies through multiple schools to bring offerings that are relatable to you and your busy life.

I'm now the proud author of  What's On Your Fork?!. I had dreamt of writing a cookbook for 4 years, and it finally happened in October 2022. I wanted to inspire others with anti-inflammatory, delicious recipes that aren't complicated. The book is on Amazon and

I’m all about building confidence in the kitchen so that you may create some quick & healthy meals. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves with me? Let’s go!



I am loving it...

It has helped me make so many changes in my cooking and I am starting to feel much better and have more energy.

- Cheryl C. - Course Participant


Shelley you are so contagious...

The way you present makes it feel that anyone can do this.

- Cheryl K. - Course Participant

Time for Action - You got this!!!

And in case you've got some questions.... I've put together some answers below.