Shelley Loving

Certified INHC, CNE

Motivating others
to take action on
their health
through food 

Shelley Loving

Certified INHC, CNE

Motivating others to take action on their health through food.








Corporate Wellness & Private Classes

Let me entertain your employees while working from home and beyond. With my energetic virtual cooking classes, your employees are sure to have fun and be wildly entertained all while learning some very simple tips for cooking a little healthier.

Big or small, I have your team(s) covered! Learn all about it, see what some of my greatest clients are saying, and more by clicking below.


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The Recipe Makeover

This class is 4-weeks of Healthy Recipe Creations, Food Education, Time-Saving Meal Prepping Tips, Endless Recipes, and a whole lot of Food Motivation!

If you want to be inspired with healthy recipes in a fun, easy-to-follow video class setting, click the button below to learn all the details.

Making healthy recipes doesn't have to be daunting, time-consuming, or boring. Shelley will show you how to make healthy eating fun! 

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Or Get Started With Recipe E-books...

If you want to try out some healthy recipes without a huge commitment, these themed recipe books are just perfect! 

Each recipe promotes an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle and is packed with flavor! From desserts to chicken recipes, there is an e-book for every tastebud!

Check out Shelley's Recipe E-books selection!

Recipe E-books

Shelley is all about...

Teaching you! Whether it's a virtual healthy cooking classes or inside Shelley's virtual class The Recipe Makeover, she loves to motivate others in taking the reins on their own health through healthy recipes and simple food education. Just by making small changes in the foods we eat can pivot our health; one meal at a time

Keeping it simple! Eating healthy has become so complicated & Shelley is here to change all that. She believe by keeping it simple, we set ourselves up for a lifetime of knowing how to treat food in order for us to stay healthy; it's called prevention

Motivating you in the kitchen! Your health starts in the kitchen. It doesn't start in the doctor's office. Shelley will motivate you to eat your way to healthy living and feel your best...all through easy recipes and food education that makes it fun

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Shelley's Corner

Check out my latest article for City Lifestyle Magazine. A new article is published every month!

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"Shelley is the real deal! If you need someone to inspire you and encourage you to healthy, she is the one for you. I have gone from rarely eating vegetables to eating them every day. Shelley's Food Shift has changed my mindset on what I put into my body and why. Believe me, if I could do it, you can too... try it, you won't regret it!"