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Let’s make 2019 your best year yet! click here to start the food shift movement!


“We need to do something different to see different results” -Dr. Will Cole IFMCP, D.C.


eating well is a form of self respect


every bite you take is either fighting disease or feeding it


Eat Good…



Welcome! You have taken the first step to feeling great!

Let me guide you in making the food shift!

Weekly Food Ideas

Weekly Food Ideas

Let me plan your menu

My weekly food planning service if perfect for those that do not have time to plan. You let me know your dietary preferences, and I send you the recipes & shopping list. Save time on feeding you and your family by taking the brain power out of meal planning! You also get bonus coupons and brand suggestions!


Sustainable Weight Loss

Let’s end the fad diets today! If you are wanting to lose some weight and are just frustrated with past attempt fails, please reach out to me. I will help you get back to the basics of food and the power it has on your health and your weight. Food is fuel, and I want to empower you to make better choices to not only lose weight, but to feel your best!


My mission is to guide individuals to a healthy lifestyle through small/positive food shifts. let me teach you the power of real/whole foods and how to truly feel your best!

You have the power. I’m just here to help you find it!

Homemade Pickles by Shelley

Homemade Pickles by Shelley

HOmemade Dill pickles

I love to make pickles. Everyone loves pickles but they are more than just a sour snack. Pickles are an excellent source for aiding in the balance of your gut bacteria; AKA your microbiome. So grab some mason jars and click the link below for the free recipe. Enjoy! -Shelley