Shelley Loving

Certified INHC, CNE

Motivating others

to take action on

their health

through food   



Whether it's 1-on-1 personal coaching, or inside The Food Shift Online Program, I love to motivate others in taking the reins on their own health through food

Weight Loss

With me, you can ditch the diets. Throw away the powders & pills. Stop all the calorie counting & I'll show you how to find your healthy weight by changing the foods you eat

In The Kitchen

Your health starts in the kitchen. It doesn't start in the doctor's office. I will motivate you to eat your way to healthy living and feeling your best

Corporate & Motivational Speaking

Today, if we can place healthy eating at the top of our priority list, and put focus on real/whole foods, it would change the trajectory of our day-to-day lives. What if we could keep out of the doctor's office JUST by integrating healthy eating?

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Meal Planning-COMING SOON!

If making grocery lists and planning your meals every week is just overwhelming for you, I am here to help! 

In the coming weeks I will be rolling out a whole new section of my business. 

You asked, and honey, I'm granting! 

STAY TUNED! 2020 is going to be epic!

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The Food Shift Online Program (currently enrollment is closed)

This program is the most popular of my services as a means to just start over with food. This program empowers you to own your food choices & motivate you through positive food changes.


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