Healthy Habits Unleashed

Create Simple Foundations for a Healthier You 
with Shelley Loving

A free virtual masterclass

March 18-20

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Just Imagine...

  • The freedom of NO dieting, NO counting carbs, & NO deprivation 

  • Having a sense of control over your health conditions and begin a journey of healing 

  • Creating a different definition and environment for "health" in your life 

  • Crafting a strong base that resonates with you, laying the groundwork for optimal health on YOUR terms 

In this Masterclass, you'll receive: 

3 Masterclass videos (with replays to accommodate your schedule)

An online community environment to ask questions & stay engaged with the conversations

Resources! Inside the masterclass community, you will have resources to download that will offer guidance throughout the lessons

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Hi! I'm Shelley

My name is Shelley Loving and I’m known as the go-to gal for all things healthy cooking. I’m a wife and mother to 2 grown boys. I have a passion for seeing the positive in any situation and I’m a sucker for a very good glass of red wine.
My job is to help you take the overwhelm out of “healthy cooking”. My motto is this “Simple. Healthy. Delicious”. I don’t like all the rules in dieting so I keep the learning fluid to fit all tastebuds and cooking levels. No matter if you like to cook or you can’t stand it, at some point, we all have to whip up a meal every now and then. I’m here to help you make those meals a little healthier…no matter your skill level in the kitchen.
I’ve been teaching healthy cooking since 2017. After my husband’s near-death experience from a massive heart attack, I learned how powerful food really is for our health. If my teachings can help others avoid a health scare, I’m going to keep on teaching.
I started this business with a combination of passion, personal experience, and nutrition studies through multiple schools to bring offerings that are relatable to you and your busy life.
I'm now the proud author of  What's On Your Fork?!. I had dreamt of writing a cookbook for 4 years, and it finally happened in October 2022. I wanted to inspire others with anti-inflammatory, delicious recipes that aren't complicated. The book is on Amazon and
I’m all about building confidence in the kitchen so that you may create some quick & healthy meals. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves with me? Let’s go!


Why they love it...

Susan L.

I’m so glad I signed up for Shelley’s classes. I’ve learned a lot of information about chronic inflammation and enjoyed Shelley’s approach of starting with making small changes.

Debbie A.

I encourage all to take Shelley's classes. They really help to understand prepping with unfamiliar ingredients. And she offers tips galore ! Her no shame, unrestrictive, easy-going approach is appreciated and fun.

Lynette S.

Shelley's meal prep class was as much fun as it was full of good information and tips. I'm following her steps on how to prepare for success, and it is working. No more mid-day scramble for what's for dinner! 

Leanne R.

I'm so grateful I stumbled upon Shelley on social media when seeking ways to improve my symptoms of an auto-immune disease. Her vast knowledge and inspiration have truly helped me change my life!

You'll finish up the masterclass with a sense of "I too can do this!"

You'll know how to:

  • Explore the empowering journey of embracing a health-focused lifestyle instead of a restrictive dieting mindset

  • Discover the key to transforming your health journey by bridging the gap between past challenges and building a resilient foundation for the future.

  • Find a balance between savoring your favorite foods and keeping a healthy lifestyle in check.

  • Say goodbye to dieting forever. Shift your primary focus from diets to prioritizing your overall health.

  • Choose healthier foods without feeling deprived.

  • Master habit stacking techniques for long-term health benefits

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