Entertaining & Inspiring Healthy Cooking Classes

Our health starts in the kitchen...so why not make it fun?!

Keeping Your 

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Our health (and the ability to maintain a  strong immune system) starts in our kitchens. It can also be entertaining and fun!

About Shelley Loving

Shelley Loving is born/raised and proudly resides in North Collin County, Texas. She attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2017, where she gained her certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Shelley also attended The Academy of Culinary Nutrition in 2019 where she gained her certification as a Culinary Nutrition Expert. In 2021, Shelley decided to roll up her sleeves and attend Rouxbe Online Culinary School where she recently received her certificate as a Certified Professional Cook. 

In 2014, Shelley watched her 41 year old husband have a massive heart attack and that set her on a passionate path to change the way she and her husband treated food forever. After helping her husband back to health, it is now her mission to help others with their relationship with food. 

Shelley believes that eating healthy during these trying times is of the utmost importance. Her approach to  eating healthier while working from home is energetic and like nothing you have experienced. Shelley draws in her audience with her positive energy and passion for food. Her virtual cooking classes and events will have you asking "when can she come back?"

Virtual corporate cooking classes

These are not just cooking classes. Her cooking is educational and she explains the "why" behind ingredients and how to easily incorporate them in your everyday cooking using simple recipes. She talks about everyday common foods that we should be limiting and better foods in which to use. These classes leave your audience inspired to try some healthy recipes in their own kitchens while spending more time at home. Shelley makes these events super fun and engaging with her uplifting and energetic approach.

Speaking engagements: private events, workshops, and conferences

If you are looking for an engaging and energetic speaker for your next conference or event, Shelley offers an array of topics to present that will leave your audience inspired. From large conferences to smaller break-out sessions, Shelley presents her knowledge of healthy living in a professional way that is relevant to today's busy lifestyle.

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"Thank you. Great fun. Good way to take a break from work and have some fun"


"I love ShelleyCanHelp.com! My employer hosted a webinar with Shelley which I found very helpful; and BONUS, she shared some recipes. Shelley helps you make better choices without giving up taste."


"Really enjoyed this, thank you! Shelley you are so great. You need to be on the Food Network :)"

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I am now hosting live virtual healthy-cooking classes and interactive cooking events for you and your employees and clients.

Looking for a fun virtual event for your book of clients? Let Shelley entertain them with a fun cooking event. What a great way to improve employee morale and wellness initiatives within your company! 

Need a speaker for your upcoming event or conference? I am also available for speaking engagements for private events, conferences, and workshops. Let me inspire your audience to live a healthier lifestyle.


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"I really enjoyed the webcast....GREAT INFORMATION!"


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