Keeping Your Employees Healthy

Through Food Education

Our health (and the ability to maintain a strong immune system) starts in our kitchens 

Shelley Loving INHC, CNE

Helping Others Put Nutrition Back in Their Kitchen

Know Your Food

Powerful yet logical discussions on dumbing down food labels & ways to better your grocery shopping and food ordering experiences

Say NO to Dieting

Empowering others to apply some very simple habits in their life in order to end all the fad dieting. Let's get off the hamster wheel of all the "counting"

Meal Planning 101

One thing we all have in common: we all buy groceries. Let me help create some strategic meal planning/time saving habits to take the overwhelm out of meal planning

About Your Food Educator

Who is Shelley Loving?

Shelley Loving is born/raised and proudly resides in North Collin County, Texas. She attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2017, where she gained her certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Shelley also attended The Academy of Culinary Nutrition in 2019 where she gained her certification as a Culinary Nutrition Expert. 

In 2015, Shelley watched her 41 year old husband have a massive heart attack and that set her on a passionate path to change the way she and her husband treated food forever. After completely helping her husband back to health through food, it is now her mission to help others with their relationship with food. 

Shelley believes in the power of food. It can either heal us or slowly make us very sick. But Shelley is shifting the way we see food by her very "real" approach to food education. Let's get back to the basics. Let's take the complications out of it and fall in love with food again. 

""I really enjoyed your presentation on Inflammation. It was definitely worth taking the time out of my work day to watch. Thank you!""

Happy Employee

Most Popular Topics for Discussion

These can now all be done through virtual webinars


The Truth is in the Label

Lunch-n-Learns are a smart and intimate way for me to get down and truthful with topics like Food Label Reading 101 & how to spot foods that are reeking havoc on our health.


Closing the Door to "Dieting"

In this talk, we get raw and honest about the famous topic of dieting, why I don't believe in it & ways to shift your thinking on how to lose weight & keep it off through HEALTHY small food shifts.


The Madness of Meal-Planning

We all have to eat, right? We are all busier than ever, right?! In this workshop, I give you step-by-step tools to take the overwhelm & stress out of your weekly meal planning. I have put into place a successful method that can work for any lifestyle.

"She changes people’s lives for the better with her expertise on REAL food and teaches them how to live longer healthier lives in the simplest ways possible"
— Nicole W.

Let me encourage your tribe today!

Whether you have a small or large team or if you are the coordinator for lectures & lunch-n-learns,  I would love to mold my services to fit your group of employees. 

Wellness programs are a wonderful way to talk prevention. I believe our health starts in the kitchen; not the doctor's office. 


Let's have a REAL talk about REAL food.



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