Corporate events, workshops & lunch-n-learns

Is your company looking for ways to integrate whole life-BE WELL programs for your employees?

Does your corporation have components in place to promote overall wellness for your staff?

I would love to discuss ways we can work together & collaborate on ideas to help encourage healthy eating habits with everyone at your company. Gym memberships are great & regular doctor visits are good, but so often we put food on the back burner, when in fact, food is exactly where healthy begins. Healthy begins in the grocery store, in our lunch boxes & the snacks on our desks. You see, when we feed our bodies real/whole foods, we are setting them up to work well for us.

Some services I offer for companies of all sizes:

  • Lunch-n-Learn workshops that are hands on and topic specific

  • Group hands on workshop at your office; teaching some ways to eat healthy while saving time

  • Lectures for kick-off seminars; focusing on my BE WELL PROGRAM that focuses on “you really are what you eat”

  • Small group breakout sessions where we deep dive on the importance of eating real/whole foods and ways to cut back on highly processed foods

  • I work with HR departments to help them choose healthier snack options for their cafeterias & break rooms. Food is fuel, so let me help you fuel your staff with the good stuff