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"Shelley Kay, you have a very bright light to shine. Go share it with others"

This is a phrase my mom said to me often. And ironically, this metaphor is the feedback I often receive in my virtual and in-person events. My passion for inspiring others shines very bright through my classes. Lifting the veil on the standard American diet and showing a fresh new outlook on “healthy eating” is what keeps my classes fresh and fun.


Virtual Healthy Cooking Demos

In these exciting classes, the audience will sit back and watch me cook 2- 3 healthy recipes in my own kitchen.

This is my most popular class as it allows the audience to really take in all the nutritional information, kitchen tips, and absorb all the details in the “why” behind my recipes and their ingredients.

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Educational Virtual Classes

This is a great way to offer some tangible teachings for a healthier lifestyle. I will teach a class (webinar style) that will be topic specific. Some of the webinar topics include:


Chronic Inflammation and how to combat it through food 

Chronic inflammation is an ever-growing topic and I want to show people how much control they really have over their body’s ability to reduce inflammation simply by making small changes in their diet.

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Healthy Meal Planning

With so many of us working from home, we find ourselves making more of our meals. But so often we do not know where to start. Making healthy meals starts with having a plan. And that plan will save us time and money if we take simple steps each week.

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Healthy Swaps Class

Did you know some of the most unhealthy foods are lurking in your fridge and pantry? They are disguised, and in this class I reveal the junk that’s inside very common staples in your kitchens and how to swap them out for healthier ones.

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"Thank you so much for doing a FABULOUS job with the cooking demonstration tonight.  I just love you and I’m sure we would be besties if we only lived closer!"

"We all thoroughly enjoyed your fun and informative class, a couple of clients spoke with me after today’s session, saying they can’t wait to tryout your recipes."

"Thank you again for a great virtual cooking demo! We’ve already received some feedback from clients about how much they enjoyed it and found the content interesting."

Hands-on Virtual Cooking 

These are a fun class if you are looking for ways to engage your audience and still teach them some tips for healthier cooking.

In this class we all make 1-2 recipes together (virtually of course) and all the recipes are quick, simple, yet delicious and all promote an anti-inflammatory diet.

Before the class, you and your audience will receive an ingredient list and a pre-class prep guide.

Each class is specifically catered to you and your audience. You and I plan this event together so that it’s a success for all who attend. After your event, everyone will receive a follow-up email with a recap and all the recipes I/we make (plus a few more for added inspiration) so you can all try them out in your own kitchens.

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In person events

Need a fresh speaker for your next conference? I come loaded with engaging and fresh topics to inspire and motivate the audience. 

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Get to Know Shelley!

Well, I am just tickled pink that you are here! I thought I would take a minute and just let you know who I am, and why I have such a passion for making healthy eating fun again.

My name is Shelley Loving & I have a passion for helping others feel their best through the foods they eat. I don't sell a magic pill, powder, coffee, or diet scheme. I teach people how to eat through easy-to-understand food education.

I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert through The Academy of Culinary Nutrition. That is a fancy term for "nutrition chef". In 2021, I also attended Rouxbe Online Culinary School and received a certificate as a Certified Professional Chef. 

In 2014, I watched my 41-year-old husband have a massive heart attack right in front of me. To say it scared me was an understatement. Once we were granted another shot at a life together, I knew instantly that our lives had to change.

So this is where my healthy journey began. All I had was the internet and a passion to heal my husband holistically. What really surprised me is how much I needed to heal myself. 

I am not a miracle worker. I am not a healer nor am I a registered dietician. I take my food knowledge, my personal experience, along with my certifications and my passion, and help others make small simple changes in their daily food so they too can take the reins on their health; all through food. 

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