All or Nothing dieting

"All or nothing" isn't my thing

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All or nothing is NOT my thing!

I do not support the phrase “all or nothing”

I’m also NOT a fan of “either you’re in or you’re out”. 

Why make everything so black/white - in/out - greatness/failure?


How about we get into the habit of spending time somewhere in the middle?

As a nutrition chef and expert of anti-inflammatory living, I stand firm in the idea that success lies within all the tiny, TINY steps we take. Those steps, with consistency, build habits. 

And these very small habits are the building blocks to a solid foundation. A foundation our bodies stand firm on in order to create healing.

It drives me nuts when I hear people promoting a new product and they show before/after weight loss pictures. For real, it makes me want to SCREAM. 

Drastic change and quick fixes are NOT the answer to healthier LIVING. You may lose weight quick, but what are you sacrificing in the meantime? 

How do you think our bodies like being jolted like that? Massive change to our system is not the long-term answer. 

Picture this:

Sally decides today that she is no longer going to consume products that have refined cooking oils in them. She is no longer going to cook with vegetable oil. She stands firm in this decision and with consistency, this new habit becomes 2nd nature to her. 

Sally’s body is going to rejoice in the fact that she eliminated this one ingredient that, over time, is causing much havoc to her health. 

THEN, a few weeks later, Sally decides she is going to be diligent in eating fiber at every meal. That’s her only focus. EAT FIBER EVERY DAY. And with persistence, Sally successfully gets her fiber and her digestion improves. Her sleep increases, and she is less bloated. 

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Eating healthier is NOT an all-or-nothing approach. Long-term success lies in the small steps I call HABITS.

That is just one pillar I am going to teach in my next virtual masterclass. This class is all about Habits. It’s called Healthy Habits Unleashed and I’d love you to join me. It’s free & it’s FULL of inspiration for building healthy habits in your life. 

You can register here:

Mark your calendar for March 18-20 and let me help you create a solid foundation for healthier living!


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