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Some Insight: How I Make My Food Choices

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It's a Sunday morning and as we sit with our coffee in hand and dogs in our laps, Neil says "How about we brush our teeth, hop in the 69' Camaro, and go grab some breakfast at our small-town café"? Well, anyone someone asks me to go eat, I JUMP at the chance. 1. I'm super social and love to go do things. 2. When we go eat that means I DO NOT HAVE TO COOK. It was a win-win for me, so of course I said "Heck yeah"!

As I brush my teeth of course I'm already thinking about what I want to order. Like my daddy, I LOVE BREAKFAST! My first instinctual reactive answer is PANCAKES! And then the new and improved healthy Shelley says, no cheese "OMELETTE". As we cruised in the Camaro I then had thoughts of what I tell everyone that follows me on social, has paid for my online classes, and anyone I am able to influence with this career I have chosen, "Shelley, choose balance". 

So, here is how I ordered my Sunday breakfast

  1. I chose a Mediterranean omelette and added spinach to get me one more green (instead of the pancakes I knew I would regret because gluten makes me sluggish and causes inflammation)
  2. I chose water with lemon to drink (instead of sugary juice)
  3. I got 2 sides with my omelette, so to help my cravings of gluten, I ordered a biscuit. And because I love grits (made of corn), I ordered some with no cheese

When my biscuit came out, it was actually 2 biscuits. Looking at my plate, I knew I needed all the veggies and eggs in the omelette, so I just ate 1 biscuit (this was a total treat for me). I knew I would be full on the omelette, some of the grits, and just 1 biscuit. Neil ordered fruit so he gave me his strawberries. BONUS! 

I tell you these details because choosing food for me is a very thought-out process. I do not strictly go with healthy every time and I do not solely go off my cravings. 

Let me say this loud for the people in the back:

----------> IT IS ALL ABOUT BALANCE <----------

I do not eat biscuits often. I do not eat breakfast out often. This was a special meal for me, so I chose to splurge a LITTLE bit and enjoy the heck out of that biscuit. But I balanced it with the good stuff like eggs, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and drinking water with lemon.

I never ever want you to feel like you have to empty your pantry and buy "weird" food. I never want to tell you DO NOT EAT ___ FOOD. I am here to inspire and encourage you to eat with intention. Try to choose healthier options. And if you don't know what "healthier" is, that is EXACTLY what I'm here to do. I'm here to educate and open your eyes to simple eating. 

So the jest of this blog is, "Eat the biscuit. Just don't eat it every day".

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