April is Chronic Inflammation Month

Chronic Inflammation

#foodeducation anti-inflammatory diet chronic inflammation Mar 31, 2024

It’s that time of year again! It’s Chronic Inflammation Awareness Month!

Did I make that up? Maybe!

This is my 3rd annual celebration of April being Chronic Inflammation Awareness Month. Every April, I create a blog around this topic. I am shedding new light and information to share with you.

I feel so passionate about chronic inflammation that I looked into making this an “official” day, but it takes Congress to get that done. So, for now, we will proclaim it here and spread the word as much as possible!

➡️ Did you know that Chronic Inflammation is the root cause of most health conditions today? 

WHAT??? Yes! Let me say that one more time.

Chronic Inflammation is the root cause (the starting point) for most health conditions today.

If our bodies weren’t chronically inflamed, many sickness and disease couldn’t exist. 

Do you know what chronic inflammation is? 

Here’s an explanation:

Intending to trap and negate bacteria, viruses, or toxic chemicals, acute inflammation seldom lasts more than two weeks. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, occurs when the body starts or continues sending out inflammatory cells and substances, even though there is no infection or injury.

Chronic Inflammation is silent. And our bodies are fighting silently, every single day. If someone is suffering from quite a few health issues, and trust me, I hear it almost daily, their body may just be waving the metaphoric white flag. It may be screaming “STOP!" I can’t keep fighting for you. When the body is constantly in that fight or flight mode, it eventually wears down and begins to break down. 

I’ll never stop bringing awareness to chronic inflammation. Ever. 

If more of us could STOP putting all our focus on our specific health issues and how we can put a temporary fix on them, and put 80% of our focus on reducing chronic inflammation, we would ALL be healthier. We would all see symptoms disappear. 

When we focus on chronic inflammation and ways to reduce it, our bodies begin to heal. They begin to grow stronger.

Sadly, too many of us do NOT want to put in the work or the effort. We want to mask the issues with drugs and quick fixes to our health issues. We live in this instant gratification state and that makes it tough to make long-term improvements to our overall health. I want more of you to think of your health in terms of long-term success. 

In most cases, we do not get sick overnight. Most of the time, it’s something that manifests over the years. And when the body gets tired of fighting, it then breaks down. 

Every April I put heavy emphasis on chronic inflammation:

➡️ What it is,

➡️ What causes it,

➡️ How we can reduce it, and

➡️ How we can improve our health issues. 

Be sure to keep up with me on your favorite social platform. I show up every single week on virtually every platform to inspire, educate, and motivate you on SIMPLE approaches to healthier living. 

Keep up the good work and I’ll keep inspiring!




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