Healthy Holiday Habits

Eating Healthy During the Holidays

#foodblog #healthyeatingtips healthyhabits holidayblog Nov 30, 2022

November and December are the “holiday months." It’s the time of year that we will typically put on a few extra pounds. This is why in January, you will see more gym membership commercials and weight loss programs being promoted.

November and December are also 2 of my busiest months for teaching cooking classes. I teach virtual classes (mostly) for corporations and organizations all over the country. In these classes, I always open them up for Q&A at the end. It’s my favorite part of the class because it helps me put a temperature gauge on what my audience learns, and how I can grow and improve their experience with me.

During my classes in November this year, I heard a few common questions so I thought I’d turn it into a blog to help you too.

Question #1 is:

How do I eat healthily during the holidays?

My answer is this:

“The Holidays” is not an excuse to eat junk for 2 months straight. I call it “planning your weak moments." Whatever days you have parties planned or time spent with family are the days I feel are ok to indulge and have those delicious holiday recipes. Enjoy that famous pumpkin pie your grandmother makes. Drink the spiked cider. Have that second helping of mashed potatoes. But on the days leading up to that party or event, try to make some recipes that will serve your body well. Eat more fruits and veggies. Stay away from dairy, gluten, and sugar. 

It really is all about balance. EAT WITH INTENTION. 

It takes a little planning but it’s worth it when you enter January and your jeans still fit, your cholesterol is at healthy levels, and your blood pressure is A-ok.

Question #2 is:

How can I make traditional recipes a little healthier?

My answer is:

I am about to tell you about one of my tactics. I’ve been doing it for years, and it has stood the test of time. When I have a recipe that isn’t healthy, I do not toss it aside. It becomes my mission to make a healthier version. Notice I didn’t say “healthy." I just try to clean it up a bit. 

I will take common unhealthy ingredients like oils, sugar, and even canned things like cream of chicken (yuck) soup and replace these items with healthier options. 

Oils - super easy to replace. If you are new to my blog, you can read all about oils in THIS BLOG

Sugars - White sugar is a NO-NO in my book, but there are lots of healthier options so don’t be afraid to mix it up. Just do not replace it with artificial sweeteners. You can read a great blog on sugars (the good, bad and ugly) HERE.

Condiments - This one takes some practice, but you’ll get better with every recipe. Example: Soy sauce can be replaced with Tamari or Coconut Aminos. 

The more you practice this tactic in your own kitchen, the better you will get. It’s fun for me and I’m always up for the challenge. 

I have a really good recipe for carrot mash (think mashed potatoes but a little sweeter and much healthier). You can snag this free recipe on my website HERE

I am on a mission to teach and inspire you in your own kitchen. I want to show you (and yes, I will physically roll up my sleeves and show you in my own kitchen) ways to make your recipes just a little healthier. 

The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate tradition, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy your favorite foods. Just try to sneak in those healthy recipes between those holiday events. 

If you want inspiration on some delicious recipes that will feed your body well, please check out my cookbook on Amazon. And if you have one already and are enjoying it, maybe it would make a great holiday gift for a loved one! 

You can order my book on Amazon by clicking HERE. 

I hope your holidays are filled with love, time off, and good food.

From our home to yours… Happiest of Holidays!


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