A relationship worth nurturing

Dec 08, 2021

Hello. I'd like to introduce you to the people in this photo. This is me and my immune system. We go way back; 46 years to be exact. I'd like to call her Sue. I named her because our relationship is vital and I want her to know just how much I appreciate her and depend on her. 

We haven't always had a strong relationship and I blame that 100% on me. You see Sue has always been right by my side. She's always worked hard for me. And I haven't always shown her kindness in return.

But I am not going to beat myself up because when we are growing up, no one is handing us a manual to tell us (step by step) how to stay healthy. Nobody tells us (without an agenda) how to nurture our immune system in order to fight off viruses and disease. 

We tend to forget about the immune system UNTIL we really need it. Up until 2014, that is exactly how my relationship was with Sue. I paid NO attention to boosting her other than taking the occasional vitamin C. I ignored all the ingredients in my food and just ate what tasted good. 

Sue needed me. She has always needed me. She does the work, but it's MY job to make sure I give her the right tools. She can't do her job if I don't give her those tools. 

You see, our bodies were perfectly designed to keep us healthy. They were designed way before the medicine was. 

So when did the disconnect begin? And how can we get back to the way Mother Nature designed us? 

Immune Support Tips:

  • Don't wait until you are sick to nurture your immune system. Try to make it a daily practice
  • Get in the direct sun for 20 minutes a day. Expose your skin to it (roll up your sleeves)
  • Eat vitamin C rich foods like cucumbers, bell peppers, oranges, thyme, parsley, kiwi, and kale)
  • Cut back on overly processed foods (crackers, cookies, chips, canned soups, frozen dinners, sandwich meat, sausage, bacon)
  • Eat more green fruits and veggies
  • Drink warm lemon water (I put honey and ginger in mine) in the mornings
  • Drink (fresh/locally sourced) elderberry syrup
  • TAKE 30 MINUTES DAILY for yourself. Be selfish for 30 minutes and do something you love without guilt
  • Take a good quality probiotic
  • Stop eating foods with artificial sweeteners
  • Drink more water (drink 1/2 your weight in ounces every day)

I have never and will never tell anyone what to do with their body. It isn't my job (nor anyone else's for that matter) and I am not going to start now. 

I have had dozens of people ask me, as a nutrition professional, what my opinion is. I always want to show respect to everyone, so I thought I would just share what we believe and what we practice. My hope is to just shed some light and maybe a new/different perspective for anyone that might be confused, torn, or overwhelmed. 

My husband and I choose not to get the shot. It isn't political and we don't brag. Our reasons are quite simple:

  • We invest a lot of time, money, and energy into our immune systems. We trust it. We nurture it and believe it's the strongest way for us to fight off a virus
  • There isn't enough proven evidence that it works and there is plenty of evidence that proves our immune systems do
  • We do not get a flu shot, shingles shot, or any other shot so why would we do this one?
  • We use medicine as a VERY LAST resort. We do not rely on antibiotics every time we get the sniffles, nor do we take things like antacids, allergy pills, or other "convenient" means for minor conditions that are treatable by diet and exercise

Medical professionals are wonderful, save lives, and we are grateful to have them. BUT, they do not know everything and I encourage you to always question any suggestions that come your way and DO YOUR RESEARCH! It is YOUR body and if you are the decision-maker for little ones, PLEASE do research for them too.

None of this is a judgment of your choice. I don't know what your choice is, so please do not feel this is an attack on you or anyone. I'm proud to be an American where we CAN choose what we think is best for our own bodies. 

I challenge you today whether you partake in this shot or not to please invest in your immune system. Please cut back on that overly processed food. Please eat your greens, drink your water, get your sleep, and move your body. Stay away from diet sodas and fake sweeteners, and read your food labels!

I'm always here to encourage you on your healthy eating journey. I've got your back. 

With much love,


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