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This post was adapted from an article published by Canvas Rebel on April 13, 2022.

Alright, Shelley thanks for taking the time to share your stories and insights with us today. Let’s start with a story that highlights an important way in which your brand diverges from the industry standard.

Although my industry is within the broad spectrum of “health”, I believe I have an edge in how I teach others, my approach to beginning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and my attitude on how to get there. Being healthy has nothing to do with prescription drugs or buying expensive products like powders, pills, or packaged foods.

I have been preaching this for 7+ years. Our health begins in our kitchen.

The starting point of our health is in our daily food habits. You will never hear me or my business promoting a fad diet. I will also never tell someone they should eat a certain way. My entire business is built on a foundation of simplicity.

1. Keeping an anti-inflammatory diet and
2. Eat real food.

That’s it. No crazy rules or counting necessary. Ways of eating for a healthy life have become so very complicated over the years and it doesn’t have to be that way. If we can all just hit a giant reset button on everything we have heard or tried over the past 20 years, we would all be better off. We need to get back to the basics of cooking with real ingredients and not being afraid of the kitchen. By cutting back on processed foods, we are offering our bodies nourishment; food our bodies recognize.

That is how I do things differently. I teach very basic food habits in the kitchen that will set others up for a lifetime of healthier eating.

Shelley, before we move on to more of these sorts of questions, can you take some time to bring our readers up to speed on you and what you do?

My husband’s massive heart attack back in 2014 was a very big wake-up call for us. And I say “us” because what transpired after his heart attack changed MY life forever. I knew we needed to change what we were eating (although I was offered ZERO help from his doctors). That’s when I took the reins on our food. I did countless hours of research on Google and felt like I was on an endless hamster wheel of contradicting information. The stars aligned and I stumbled upon The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (thanks to social media). When I registered for their 1-year program, I had no idea the path for which my life was headed, but I was open, willing, and eager to find out.

As I was learning all this information, I was changing and shifting what I was preparing in the kitchen. I slowly started eliminating foods in our diet like dairy, gluten, and white refined sugar. I started becoming obsessed with ingredients and how to spot the bad ones. As weeks went on, I started feeling really good. Yes, I said ME. This whole passion started so I could help heal my husband yet I was seeing a HUGE difference in my health. My husband was starting to get really good reports from his blood work and EKG’s and that’s when I knew…this works! Neil had gone from 6 prescription drugs down to 1. And it was ALL done through small food changes in our daily life.

Fast forward 6 years and 2 additional schools, I am now teaching others the exact concept we were experimenting with within our own lives. They always say “practice what you teach”. Neil and I are walking testimonies of these habits and I knew it was time. This was my calling. There is such a huge gap in our healthcare system and the lack of connection between disease/sickness/illness and food. I am on a fierce mission to help others and encourage them that they too can take back their health…and it can be done with food.

In 2018, I created I knew I wanted to “help” people, but I had no clue what that looked like. Through endless experiments, failures, risks, wins, and a whole lot of people trusting me, I am finding a sweet spot in services, classes, teachings, and soon a cookbook that is truly changing people’s lives.

My biggest goal is to teach the everyday person, ones like you and me, to feel confident in their food choices. To teach them powerful lessons and give them “tools” to make those food decisions with confidence; in a simple and fun way. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, or expensive. It’s a matter of learning small changes that will make BIG impact.

I have online classes that individuals can access on my website (

I teach a lot of virtual health cooking classes for corporations of all sizes all over the world. I have hosted events for companies like Ernst & Young, Ameriprise Financial, Texas Capital Bank, Globe Life Insurance, and more.

I offer group challenges that force people to get in their kitchen and try some easy & delicious recipes. My approach in helping people eat healthier is relatable and energetic.

And I’m happy to announce that in Fall 2022, I am publishing my first cookbook. It will be an interactive cookbook like you’ve never seen; filled with quick, healthy, and delicious meals!

I also have endless free resources on YouTube, IG, FB, and Pinterest.

How’d you build such a strong reputation within your market?

I say in confidence that I’m building a strong foundation for others. I feel my reputation is growing and I’m building trust with people. Food is emotional. Food is addicting and people cherish their relationship (good or bad) with food. And because of that, it takes a LOT of trust for people to change that. I am very transparent and I keep my teachings relatable. If it’s not relatable why would anyone trust me enough to try some new things?

I do not believe we have to deprive ourselves of delicious foods in order to be healthy. Our healthiest version of ourselves is just around the corner and I want to hold hands as others take this journey. The path to living a healthy lifestyle is daily routines and habits. And my reputation shows that I am here for others. I am here to guide them, motivate them, show them grace when they have weak moments, and help them when they fall.

If I can do it. Anyone can do it. I’m just here to help and offer guidance along their own journey.

Where do you think you get most of your clients from?

I believe there have 2 giant sources of gaining new clients.

1. During my virtual cooking events (through corporation bookings), I see people have ah-ha moments. It’s much more than me cooking on a computer screen. I tell the “why” behind my ingredients and explain the health benefits of the chosen ingredients. I keep my classes simple, energetic, and fun. People leave the event wanting more. They will then follow me on social media, join my newsletter, take my online courses, and more. The corporations enjoy the events so much that I have a 100% return rate on my events. Every company that has hired me for an event has had me back at least one more time.

2. Social Media. From day one, back in 2018, I have consistently shown up for my audience to offer helpful eating and cooking tips. I have cooked endless recipes for FREE in hopes of just encouraging 1 person to make some shifts in their food choices. Social media is a powerful resource for my business and I always want to use it for good. I want to inspire, encourage, and motivate anyone that knows they need to eat healthier but are just not sure where to turn. Social Media is a wonderful way for individuals to find Shelley Can Help.

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