2023 New Year Goals

My word for 2023 is "Intentional"

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It’s January! Can you believe it?? Some will use this time to “start fresh” with their life, goals, diets, mindset, etc. Some say they don’t need a date on the calendar to make shifts in their life. 

I’m all about using January as a time to create NEW in my life. I believe, as always, there is also a way to do it where it’s obtainable, doable, and achievable. If you set a bunch of HUGE goals, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.


I want to take you down my personal roadmap for how I start each year. I am NOT an expert but a very motivated person and entrepreneur. I believe this system has helped me tremendously over the past several years. Each year, of course, I tweak it, shift it, and perfect it just a little bit more. 

I ALWAYS have a “word of the year”. Just one word that sums up how I want to step into the new year. For 2023, my word is “INTENTIONAL”. 

I want to be more intentional with my daily decisions, my food choices, my time management, my relationships (and who I spend time with), my overall health, my hormone balance (too personal??), and my time off from work. I will take the word INTENTIONAL in 2023 and apply it to my goals. Here is how I handle goal setting each January (which I plan in December)

I usually create a vision board, but this year I am just going to write in my planner what my goals are. I will write these down every single week. 

I have 1 BIG goal. It’s usually a “pipe dream” goal that goes on my list of goals every single year. For you, maybe that is “run a marathon” or “start a family”. Maybe it’s learning a new language or participating in iron man. Maybe it’s to lose 200 lbs.

For me, my big pipedream goal is to have my own healthy cooking streaming show (think Netflix). I have loads of ideas that I’m not able to share, but you just wait. It WILL happen. When the time is right, it will happen. I am not in a hurry and I trust the timing. But every week, I keep it as a goal and work toward that goal. 

I have 1 large goal that I want to accomplish within that year. Last year, it was to write and publish a cookbook. Notice I didn’t just say “write a book”. I intentionally added the “and publish” part so that I held myself accountable to get the job done. And guess what??? I did! If you are new to my blog, I published a dairy and gluten-free cookbook on Amazon called “What’s on Your Fork?!” and you can check it out here: https://a.co/d/7HkrsnP  

I have 1 personal and/or business development goal (sometimes this is big and sometimes small). Last year, I rolled the cookbook into this one because I had never published one before. I had to learn how to actually publish a book. Wowzers, what a job that was. 

For you, maybe you want to go on a yoga retreat or take a road trip alone. Maybe you want to start seeing a counselor or learn how to cook. Maybe you want to begin the practice of meditation or learn to knit. Heck, maybe you just promise yourself to take 1 relaxing bath a week. 

For me, this year, I want to be more intentional with how I spend my time. Time management is a personal development skill I want to improve upon. As an entrepreneur, I find myself ALL OVER THE PAGE. I think of work in the shower and I think of computer work when I’m in the kitchen. I’ll start my day on the computer, find recipe inspiration, and head straight to the kitchen to create something. I want to plan my time wisely; that includes PUTTING TIME OFF ON MY CALENDAR.  I had NO work/life balance in 2022. I worked myself into a very stressful last quarter. My physical body was not happy and I vowed NOT to do that in 2023. 

In my business, I list out all the things I want to accomplish within the year. Examples would be: Be on 12 podcasts, appear on TV 4 times, post on social media 365 days a year, sells X amount of online courses/classes, and so on. 

You may not be an entrepreneur, but you can also apply this to personal things like “I want to have lunch with a different friend once a month” or “I will read one a book a month” or “I will go to the gym 3 days a week”. For me, these “goals” are part of my business plan. For you, maybe it’s just doing things you love and holding yourself accountable. 

For 2023, I am going to be very intentional with my business relationships so that I can accomplish my business goals. 


As we begin 2023, I want to encourage you to start something. Get excited about something new in your life. Learn it. Master it. Own it

If you know being healthier is definitely on your wishlist for 2023, you MUST click RIGHT HERE and join me for my January Jumpstart event. It will take place January 23-27, 2023. I am going to motivate you, inspire you, and educate you on how to approach getting healthier WITHOUT the overwhelm. Without the BIG PIPEDREAM goal. We start small. We start simple and I want you to do it with me. Learn more and sign up by going HERE.

Whatever you want to be intentional about in 2023, please know I’m here to support you. If you need support, an ear to listen to, or someone to bounce ideas off of, you can always email me. Nobody has access to my email account but me. [email protected]

I’m here for you!

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