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#mindset goals healthyeating healthyhabits Apr 30, 2023

Over the past several years, I have really gone on a personal journey. I am digging deep, listening to podcasts, reading books, going to counseling, and always trying to improve my physical self. On this journey, I have discovered Ed Mylett. He is a personal motivator and speaker. I love his podcast and I bought his book. It’s called The Power of One More.

The synopsis of the book is all about “one more”. His father was an alcoholic most of Ed’s life. He got sober for the last 30 years of his life. Anytime Ed would call his father and ask him, “Hey dad. How’s your sobriety?” His father would reply, “It’s going good. I just need to be sober one more day. If I can just do one more day, I know I can keep going."

Well, Ed took that and turned into a life mantra. In his book, he talks about having the “one more” mindset in life. I loved this concept so very much, I ended up getting “one more…” tattooed on my wrist. 

Here is what “one more” means to me.

  • One more kind word
  • One more door opening for a stranger
  • One more I love you to my grown kids
  • One more kind text to a friend 
  • One more healthy meal
  • One more workout
  • One more email to land the next big gig
  • One more networking opportunity
  • One more recipe video to help others
  • One more positive thought about myself
  • One more hour of sleep
  • One more book to read
  • One more kiss on my dogs’ cheek
  • One more supporting word to my husband
  • One more drink of water
  • One more vacation
  • One more night with my girlfriends
  • One more meditation

Whatever “one more” looks like for you, I hope you start implementing some of that secret sauce into your daily routine. 

We get so caught up in being the critic in our lives. We self shame when we eat bad or gain weight. We yell at the driver who cut us off. We judge a stranger when they dress differently. We judge others for doing things we do not do. We think kind things, but are we saying just ONE MORE kind word to others? Are we supporting ourselves with one more self-care act? 

My hope for you is that you implement one of your ONE MORE habits in your kitchen. Maybe cook one more “Shelley approved” meal this week. Maybe drink one more glass of water or eat one more fresh vegetable. Maybe you will throw out one more overly processed condiment from your fridge. Whatever it looks like for you, I hope you will try it out. Have a meeting with yourself. Make a list. Let’s keep this movement going and spread good within ourselves. That will then trickle to others. 

One more…



PS.Here is a link to Ed Mylett’s book The Power of One More


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