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organic Feb 17, 2020

Some people are die-hard organic grocery buyers while others are anti-organic buyers. For some reason, there is a group of people that believe USDA organic is a giant joke. I'm not sure if they are just masking their "excuses" for not taking control of their health through food, or maybe it's because they think it's a scam. As a health coach, I am in the middle. 

When I do my shopping, I usually buy any foods on the dirty dozen list in organic. Not only that, but I wash them with vinegar water when I get home. These fruits and vegetables test very high in pesticides and I surely don't want us consuming pesticides.

Meghan Telpner, the founder of The Academy of Culinary Nutrition, uses these rules as a guideline when purchasing foods:

  1. Organic + Local
  2. Local
  3. Organic from a faraway land

And I always purchase organic meat/poultry. Keep in mind, often times when food is grown in faraway places, they will grow it organically, but then spray it before it's loaded for the shipment because it has to travel so far.

Here's a good rule of thumb: If you are eating the skin, buy organic.

Make sure the organic food you purchase has this label on it:

Image result for usda organic

So the next time you are making your food choices, make sure some of them are USDA organic! 

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