my sous chef

My Sous Chef

#kitchenhelp #souschef #whatsonyourfork healthy living Oct 15, 2022

My job is unique as in I am called a Nutrition Chef, but I do not cook in a restaurant nor do I own a catering business. I tell people all the time that my husband is the lucky recipient of my recipes. And because I work from home and not in a public kitchen, it can be lonely at times. When I am working during the day and I come up with a beautiful recipe that I’m super proud of, I turn to my sous chef to celebrate.

My sous chef

I’d like you to meet my sous chef, Millie Sue. 

Millie and I go way back and I really can’t imagine my kitchen without her by my side. 

I brought her home as a puppy in 2017. And that happened to be during my first nutrition school. Since Millie was 12 weeks old, she has been at my feet catching every scrap and waiting patiently for my next drop of food.

I have launched my first cookbook and if you haven’t done so, be sure to check it out by clicking HERE.

Millie has her own chapter where I describe how much she has supported me mentally and by helping keep my kitchen floor clean. 

I think it’s important to have a sous chef in every home. Even if you aren’t a chef yourself.

Include your children

If you have children in your home, please, I beg you get them in the kitchen with you. How else are they going to learn to cook for themselves?

Although my children are grown and gone from home, I have Millie Sue to help me every single day. I’m grateful for her. She is the 1st to taste my recipes and the one that cleans up my messes. 

Be sure to grab the book and fill your kitchen with delicious and nutritious recipes straight from my kitchen to yours.


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