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healthy living healthyeating whats on your fork Sep 01, 2022

I am not the first to write a cookbook, a fiction book, a children’s book, or even an autobiography.

I realize there are millions of cookbooks available on Amazon, so you may be thinking “why in the world would she set herself up for such stiff competition?”

It’s really simple. I want to inspire people in their own kitchen. I want them to have the hope of making healthy recipes by creating simple and delicious meals for them to try.

Heart Healthy Recipes

When I started my journey, there was almost too much information out there that it was overwhelming for me to say the least.

After Neil’s heart attack, I would google “heart healthy recipes” or “quick healthy meals” on Pinterest. Do you have any idea how broad that is? It made me even more overwhelmed.

I just kept asking myself “what does HEALTHY even mean?” Does it mean we have to become vegan? What about Keto? Should we stop eating out? Where do I buy my groceries to help heal my husband’s heart? Is fruit bad because it has sugar? Should we stop eating nightshade vegetables? Can we have dessert? What about alcohol?

The questions kept me up at night.

My husband literally almost died right in front of me, with minutes to spare, emergency surgery and a stint in his artery saved his life. We are blessed and I was NOT going to let him slip away. I was going to heal him. In my kitchen. And I almost felt a sense of responsibility.

He never put an ounce of pressure on me, but I love him so much that I put it upon myself. Neither Neil nor myself wanted him to be on 7 prescription drugs for the rest of his life, so that meant major lifestyle changes had to take place.

Nutrition School

I became so passionate about finding the right answers, I decided to go to school; a holistic one. I actually ended up going to 2 nutrition schools and one culinary school in the course of 4 years.

To say I was passionate was an understatement. The more healthy we got, the more drive I had. The more drive I had, the more passion was brewing in me to help others. You know when you buy that perfect pair of shoes or that new tool that just changed your life and you want to tell all your friends? That is how I felt as we started feeling really good. I wanted to tell everyone how much food helped us heal.

But, what I was learning and applying isn’t taught to everyone. They don’t talk about it in the commercials for chips, sodas, cookies, dairy, prescription drugs, and so on. They use the word “healthy” like they know what they are talking about and it’s MY job to take the blinders off for others.

THAT! That is why I wrote a cookbook.

I want to show others that just changing some of your ingredients in the recipes you make can create a snowball effect of feeling better. Just by changing out your cooking oils can make a difference.

Most people don’t know how toxic refined cooking oils are (also called seed oils). Why? Because marketing has done a fantastic job over the past several decades and we are creatures of habit. If a recipe calls for “vegetable oil” of course every day Jane is going to buy “vegetable oil”. Jane has no idea that vegetable oil is extremely inflammatory, is synthetic, and causes all kinds of long-term health problems.

THAT is why I wrote a cookbook.

I also love telling you that this isn’t just another cookbook. No sir-ree! It’s a book filled with recipes, helpful ingredient tips, a place for journaling, and the “why” behind the ingredients. Every recipe is full of health information, additional tips on how to use the recipe, and more. I like to think of my cookbook as interactive.

What’s On Your Fork?! has officially been released and is available for purchase!

I would be honored if you would head to amazon and purchase my cookbook. It’s one you will enjoy for years to come! They also make a wonderful Christmas gift so please buy all you can!

Healthy cooking doesn’t have to be a drag and this cookbook is a true testament to that.

I hope you are able to try every recipe in the book and know you can always lean on me for help!



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