Chronic Inflammation and anti-inflammatory diet

Chronic Inflammation

anti-inflammatory diet chronic inflammation healthyeating Jul 14, 2022

I never really grow tired of discussing chronic inflammation.

You know when you have one of those “light bulb moments” in life and you want to share it with as many of your people as you possibly can? Like when you learn a TikTok hack that changed your life and you share it with all your friends? That is how I feel about what I’ve learned and what I’m continuing to learn about chronic inflammation. 

When my husband Neil almost died from a heart attack, I quickly learned how much food is related to our state of inflammation and how we truly can help control it just by making small food changes. 



This sounds so simple but chronic inflammation is the root of most health problems. If your body is chronically inflamed (which we all are by the way), your body will have a hard time fighting other things off. Your body spends so much energy and time-fighting inflammation that it can’t do its everyday job of keeping you healthy. 

There are many things that cause inflammation from lack of sleep and of course stress. And it’s also from toxins in the air and in the products we use around the house. But, today, I’m here to talk to you about chronic inflammation and how it relates to the foods you eat. 



What you eat is completely under your control (in most everyday situations).

You buy the food. You put it in our shopping cart. You take it home. You unload it into our pantry and then you consume it. It is a very conscious decision. It’s in that very quick decision that tells your body how to react and then your body functions accordingly. 

Your body is a magic machine created by Mother Nature, God, The Divine, or whatever you believe made your body perfectly. It’s a complicated machine that, when given the right tools, will work very hard to keep you alive and healthy. 

When you feed your body inflammatory foods, you aren’t setting your body up for success. You are causing it to fight against everything you are feeding it. So on top of doing its everyday jobs like digestion, immune support, bone structure, circulation, memory function, hormone balance…ok the list is endless. Your body does a lot. I am here to tell you what you feed your magic machine is UBER important. 

There are 2 components  to eating an anti-inflammatory diet:

  1. You need to cut back on foods that CAUSE more inflammation
  2. You need to INCREASE the foods that lower inflammation 

They go hand-in-hand and it’s essential to practice a little of both in order to really fight that chronic inflammation. 

Is your body whispering to you?

Meaning, do you have some nagging symptoms that go on day in and day out? In my personal experience, some of my symptoms were fatigue, dull headaches, joint aches, brain fog, and stomach bloating. Yours may be insomnia, shortness of breath, skin conditions, or constipation. Everyone has different genes and everyone’s body reacts differently. What is your body telling you?

This is where it takes some intuition on your part to really sit and listen to your body.  

Sometimes, your body will not whisper. Sometimes it will scream at you. Think of this metaphor as getting sick or getting diagnosed with a disease or chronic illness. This often happens when we don’t sit still and listen to the whispers. 



My hope for you is that you will sit still and really listen to your body. 

I also hope that you will begin buying your food with intention and purpose. Of course buy foods that taste good to you. Food is a pleasure and I never want to take that away. I just ask that you be more alert and aware of what you are putting in your pantry for you and your family to eat. 

If you are inspired and want to learn more about chronic inflammation, I offer a 3-day self-paced inflammation course.  

This is an online class that takes place over the internet. You do not have to “attend” anything and you do not have to “show up” live at any certain time. I send you daily content that you learn at your own pace.

You can learn all about the class and register by clicking here: March Makeover

You can go through this course on your own and touch base within the classroom for extra support

 The course is an encouraging way to help you understand, in a simple way, how you can improve your eating habits that will promote an anti-inflammatory diet filled with tips, recipes, guides, videos, and more. 

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