You don't have to change your diet overnight

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I work hard at showing others that eating healthy does NOT mean you change everything overnight or that you clean out your pantry and only shop at Whole Foods.

Eating healthy doesn't have a bunch of rules and restrictions and it doesn't make you feel shame. You don't have to put a label on "how" you eat. Being vegan doesn't mean you are a healthy eater. Following a "diet" like keto also doesn't mean you are a healthy eater. 

My approach is VERY different from what most diets will tell you. My approach is filled with support, love, and motivation around learning ways to eat a little healthier. I know you are probably thinking "how is food showing me love and support"? I am here to show you that it most definitely is! 

We are all emotionally tied to food. It comforts us when we are sad. It loves us when we get cravings. It brings us together at the table. It makes us close our eyes when we taste something that is mouth-watering good. And all of this is LOVE. 

I am here to inspire and educate balance. Balance in daily habits. I want to show you small changes you can make that will show your body love and support today, tomorrow, and 10 years down the road. 

Eating a little healthier all starts with those little daily choices.  What are you grazing on at 3 PM? How many sodas do you drink (and yes, I'm also talking about diet sodas)? How often are you "topping" meals with cheese (including salad)? How many times a day are you "grabbing" a piece of leftover holiday candy? Every single "small" food choice adds up to big results. 

It's a new year and with that comes new choices, new mindset shifts, new goals, and new beginnings. My hope for you as we ring in 2021 is that you will eat with intention and be very aware of every single thing you put in your mouth. If you just start with one small new habit, YOU ARE WINNING my friend. If you need some guidance, I would say to drink more water. NO ONE is hydrated enough. Yes honey, not even you. 

Don't overhaul the pantry and please don't wipe out your fridge. Just start with ONE small change like drinking more water and cutting back on your processed foods. Nurture that habit. Show yourself gratitude and pat yourself on the back. It really can be that simple. Any small change you make is a giant step toward healthier living. Your body will thank you tomorrow and 10 years down the road. 

If you want a little help with healthier eating, I have the perfect solution. I have a self-paced course called Healthy Beginnings that will lead you through the basics of healthy eating. I share endless healthy tips, recipe videos, and more. You can learn more by visiting

In the meantime, drink more water, cut back on processed foods, and read your food ingredient lists!

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