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#healthyfoundation #mindset #mywhy word of the year Dec 31, 2023

It’s that time of year once again! January is one of my favorite months because of all the explosive energy it brings. Although, I will say I do NOT like cold weather, but the energy it brings is magical.

Are you someone that enjoys starting new habits this time of year? Do you believe in “new year’s resolutions”? I definitely love using this time of year as a good time for hitting that reset button. 

I like to reset all kinds of things.What works well for me is the pattern of 1. Assess 2. Refresh 3. Reset

 Here are the areas of my life where I tend to put focus:

● Relationships. I assess the 4-6 people I spend the most time with. How are those relationships working? Are they serving me? Do they help me grow? How can I foster new relationships that will inspire and motivate me?

 Self-Love. This is my relationship with myself. Am I nurturing my mental health? Am I taking enough “me” time througout the week? Do my thoughts express love to myself? 

 Food. Of course, this is a big one. But I want to be transparent. The holidays has me all over the place with my food intake. It’s a game of tug-of-war. I grow tired by the end of the year so I tend to get lazy with my meal planning and prep. So, when January rolls around, I am ready to make a plan for the new year. 

 Home environment. I like to clean out and clean up my common areas like kitchen cabinets/drawers/food storage. I enjoy cleaning out my office of old files and paperwork. I tend to reorangize my closet and my bathroom storage. 

 My physical well being. What has my workout/movement routine looked like? What do I want to improve? How will I workout in the winter vs. summer? WHEN will I incorporate exercise into my schedule? 

Once I assess and refresh all these areas of my life, whether it’s physically or in planning, I then begin that reset phase. 

If you are wanting some change, I think this time of year is a fantastic time to begin! 

Something else I do every January.. well, if I’m being totally transparent, I start thinking of this around November...


I pick a word of the year every single year. That word is the center. That word helps me plan my “reset”. 

Last year my word was “intentional”. I wrote an entire blog about it last January. You can read it HERE.

This year, I chose the word “within." I'm so focused on that word that I actually got it tattooed on my arm in December.

It all started while listening to podcasts. Over the past few months I keep hearing the phrase “as within, so without." Which means, if you don’t work on mental head space, your physical life will also be a mess. This is my reminder to always remember to work on my thoughts, my words in my head, and my self-love. I have to keep all that in check if I am going to fulfill my purpose in life and for others.

So my word for 2024 (well, and beyond since it’s on my arm forever) is WITHIN.

I think it’s fitting for anyone and I also am taking this approach in 2024 for a lot of my teachings here at Shelley Can Help. Let me explain.

Living a healthier lifestyle (eating healthy, getting your sleep, drinking your water, exercising, and loving yourself) all begins with your mindset. It starts with what you are telling yourself daily; consciously and subconsciously. 

If you can shift that chatter going on inside your head, you will be able to get in the kitchen and make some healthier meals. 

For 2024, I encourage you to take some alone time and look “within." What do you tell yourself (silently in your head) about eating healthier? What negative excuses are you saying every day? Is it that you don’t have time? Is it that you won’t like the taste? Is it that you hate cooking? Dig deep “within” your head and begin to acknowledge the words you are saying to yourself silently…on repeat.

I am going to work diligently on this for 2024 and I encourage you to join me! 

In 2024, I'm teaching you how to look within by creating healthy habits in my masterclass Healthy Habits Unleashed. I’d love you to join me next time I launch. It’s free & it’s FULL of inspiration for building healthy habits in your life. It will be held within my free community, The Healthy Hub. 

Join the community today so you're ready for the next masterclass:The Healthy Hub Community

I’m rooting for you! Let’s make 2024 the year we make lasting change on our health.



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